5 minute vegan mugcakes

5 minute vegan mugcakes

Easy vegan 5 minute mugcakes 

Looking for brownies but not in the mood to wait that long? Try these fast mini brownies! They only need to be microwaved for 2 minutes and require just 2 real ingrediënts!

Serve them with some toppings if you like and you have a perfect snack or dessert for yourself.

One serving


1,5 servings of Orgran no egg

100 grams of Orgran caramel fudge brownie mix

3 tablespoons of water

Optional: Bon Ice vanilla, Cacao powder


1. Mix 1,5 teaspoons of no egg with 3 tablespoons of water.

2. Weigh a 100 grams of the brownie mix. 

3. Combine these together until you have a smooth consistency. 

4. Pour the batter into a small tray and microwave for two minutes. 

5. Add a scoop of Bon Ice vanilla and dust with some cacao powder.