Chocolate witch fingers

chocolate witch fingers

Trick or treat your friends or family with scary witch fingers! This Halloween is going to be finger licking good! These chocolate witch fingers are easy to make and only need three ingredients.

Recipe for five chocolate witch fingers


1 Bonvita chocolate rice milk bar 
5 almonds 
5 breadsticks

Also you will need:

Silicone pastry brush
Baking paper
Cooking pan
Glass bowl
Small bowl


1. Break the chocolate in small cubes in a glass bowl and melt it above a pan with cooking water, a bain-marie. While cooking also split 5 almonds in half.
2. When the chocolate has melted give it a good stir and  scoop the chocolate in another small bowl with the spatula. 
3. Put down a sheet of baking paper and cover the breadstick almost fully with melted chocolate.
4. Put half of an almond on the end of the breadstick and let it rest on a plate. 


Congratulations with your home made witch fingers. Enjoy!