Superbar Shake

Superbar Shake

Sometimes you just need some time to recharge. This shake provides with you with the energy boost you need. We were inspired by our delicious superbar and decided to make it into something drinkable. Both are full of superfoods and vitamins, great to boost your immune system. This supershake is made is a flash and super easy for a busy day. You can drink it as a healthy start of your morning or make it portable in a container jar.  

Superbar Shake 

For one shake 


200 ml of ricedrink, unsweetened 

150 grams of blueberries 

25 grams of almonds 

4 dates 

1 tablespoon of linseeds 

½ teaspoon of spirulina  


Mix everything in a blender on a high speed. When everything is blended pour the shake into a cup or mason jar. Add a straw and garnish with some linseeds and blueberries.