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We from Bonvita believe in the quality of organic food. We have a wide range of organic and vegan chocolate products. Very unique, because of the use of ricemilk that makes the chocolate lactose-free. There are also no gluten in our chocolates and the best of all is that the chocolates still taste delicious! 

Also very important to us, is that for the production of our products no chemicals are used and we only use fair trade cacao from the Dominican republic. By focusing on what’s best for the environment and for you, we want to create a better world and a better health for everyone. 

Fair trade

At Bonvita all the cocoa we use is fair trade certified cocoa from the Dominican republic. However we choose to not carry the fair trade logo on the packaging. This is because the money for the fair trade logo does not go to the people who need it, but is entirely spend on marketing in Europe.  That's why Bonvita decided to not carry the fair trade logo and instead donate that money directly to the Dominican Republic. 

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