Balti Curry Paste

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Organic / Vegan / Gluten Free

Contains: 180 gram

For your information, we added a scale for the curry's, ranking from mild to very spicy. Starting with one, being very mild. Up to five, being very spicy.

3/5 medium spiced curry

Ingredients: Water, onions*, yellow peppers (10%)*, red chillies*, white wine vinegar*, sunflower oil*, garlic purée*, ginger purée*, corn starch*, sea salt, ground cumin*, orange juice (from concentrate)*, ground coriander*, ground turmeric*, lemon grass oil*.

May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and dairy products.

nutritional value 406 kj - 98 kcal
fats 6,9 gram
of which saturated fat 0,76 gram
carbohydrates 9,1 gram
of which sugars 3,3 gram
protein 1,13 gram
salt 1,34 gram

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