Chocolate couverture White 1 KG

Item No.: 550059

Contains: 1000 g

Description:  Bonvita's "regular" and well-known white rice chocolate, but 10 times the size!

As a nice gift, but also suitable for cooking or to fill a chocolate fountain.

Paper wrapped and packed in a neutral box.

Tempering the chocolate couverture

How can you best temper (melt) this chocolate for a nice shiny end result?

- Heat chocolate "au-bain-marie" to approximately 45 degrees

- At 45 degrees, cool back to 30.5 degrees at an ambient temperature of about 20 degrees.
Use about 20% unmelted chocolate for this. (This way it cools down faster to exactly 30.5 degrees)
Just waiting for the temperature to drop is of course also an option.

Take a sample with a knife and if the chocolate dries streak-free within 5 minutes, the chocolate is well tempered resulting in a shiny result!

Ingredients: raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, rice syrup powder*, sunflower lecithin*, vanilla*. *) from organic agriculture. At least 35% cocoa. May contain traces of peanuts, nuts and dairy products. 

nutritional value per 100 g:

energy 2430 kj - 585kcal
fats 38 gram
of which saturated fat 23 gram
carbohydrates 61 gram
of which sugars 48 gram
protein 0,1 gram
salt 0,04 gram

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Chocolate couverture White 1 KG