Rice chocolate 12x

Item No.: 1123

Contains: 12 x 100 gram

Description: There is now a tasty chocolate replacement for anyone who cannot or does not want to eat milk chocolate due to lactose intolerance or a vegan lifestyle. For this chocolate, which must be called "couverture" according to Dutch law, we use rice milk instead of cow's milk. The result is a tablet with a taste that is impossible to distinguish from that of "real" chocolate. 

Ingredients: chocolate couverture. Ingredients: raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, rice milk powder(17%)*, cocoa mass*, vanilla*. *) from organic agriculture. Cocoa: 41% at least. May contain traces of peanuts, nuts and dairy products. 

Nutritional value
per 100 g
kJ 2489 kJ
kcal 595 kcal
protein 2 g
carbohydrates 49 g
fat 43 g

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