Bonvita Team!

Meet the people who are there for you to provide you with the tastiest chocolate and bakery products every day of the year!


Thijs Schuurman - Director/Sales

Favorite product?
That is chocolate, because chocolate is always the answer. It doesn't matter what the question is! From the Bonvita range, my big favorite is the classic original ricemilk chocolate. This chocolate is so delicious and very creamy, but without any dairy. For coffee I take 4 cubes every day (and sometime even 5), delicous.

Best thing about working at Bonvita?

Really every day is different; first you're on the road to a new buyer (shopowner or wholesaler) and then you're in the kitchen to inspect or develop new products. I don't have the time to get bored! By the way, how can you get bored with all those tasty products around you? It has been over 23 years since we started Bonvita and it is still an experience every day! We are proud of our company.


Erik van Luyn - Purchase/Marketing

Favorite product?
My favorite product is of course the vegan Easy Egg from Orgran! This is a plant based egg replacer, with wich you can make scrambled eggs or a quiche, for example.
From the Bonvita products i go for the extra dark chocolate ice - cocoa nibs.

Best thing about working at Bonvita?
The best thing about working at Bonvita is that is is innovative pioneering. Developing delicious and sustainable products and putting them on the market, that is what i love.
The health food market for vegan products is open and moving. Ther is a positive atmosphere with plenty of growth opportunities.

Bert van der Veen - Design/IT

Favorite product?
A possible future expansion of the Bonvita product range, which at this moment i can say very little about.
It wil be of course vegan, but also beet/sugar cane free!

Best thing about working at Bonvita?
The best thing about working at Bonvita is that we're a relatively small, but independent Dutch chocolate brand.
As an employee you are not constantly busy with just a small part in a certain department. My tasks are therefore very diverse.

Ton de Haan - Logistic

Favorite product?
My favorite product is the Bonvita rice milk chocolate spread. This article is very tasty, gluten-free, lactose-free and nut-free.
There are not that many choco pastas available in the organic health food.

Best thing about working at Bonvita?
The nice thing about working at Bonvita are the short lines. In a complete work week you follow a project from start to finish. In consulation we discuss who does what and step by step we work towards the end result.

Now that i only work for 2 days a week, this is no longer applicable to me. Now it is especially nice that Bonvita gives me the opportunity to work here for two days after my retirement.

Maatje van Broeckhuysen - Intern Marketing

Favorite product?

Oeh difficult! I am a difficult eater in terms of intolerances. I have a gluten and lactose sensitivity. So when I discovered Bonvita, i felt very lucky. I really like the chocolate bar with hazelnut and the chocolate bar with pistachio, but for the rice cakes with dark chocolate and coconut you can wake we up at night! Very convenient to carry in your bag, to work or to exercise.

Best thing about working at Bonvita?
In the beginning i had to get used to an office job. Before Bonvita I worked from home and was able to schedule my own days. But to be welcomed in such a nice team was very nice!
There is a very nice atmosphere here. Every day we lunch together and we start the day with a coffee break.


Gjalt Landman - Retail en Foodservice

Favorite product?
The new SUPERFOODBAR!! packed with healthy supplements, free from and vegan

Best thing about working at Bonvita?
I like working for Bonvita because they create authentic products and every employee has a passion for their job. It's also very different from my second job, mainly my work as a trainer/consultant/GLX-meat, i love to be flexible.