Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate Easter into your breakfast, but not a fan of a egg-replacer? Why not add some of our Bonvita chocolate eggs!

Use our eggs as a decoration on top of your morning porridge and make it a colourful celebration.Garnish with any fruits you like and enjoy Easter.

1 serving


50 grams quick cooking oats

300 ml oatmilk

70 gram blueberries, frozen

50 gram mango, frozen

50 raspberries, frozen

1 tablespoon of poffed millet

1 tablespoon of pumpkinseeds

3 Bonvita Easter eggs, or as many as you like...


1. Prepare the oats according to the package with the oatmilk.

2. Place the Bonvita egg on top and let it cool. (Adding the eggs now will let them melt slightly.)

3. Add everything else.

4. Enjoy your Easter!

Credits: This delicious recipe was made by Miriam a.k.a. Veggie Reporter